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 the conspiracy of fragunit

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the conspiracy of fragunit Empty
PostSubject: the conspiracy of fragunit   the conspiracy of fragunit EmptyThu Jul 03, 2014 9:19 am


Due to the latest threatments, blackmailing towards me and my community the past two months I've decided to make this post in order to put everything clear into the public.

There was a big conspiracy made by the fragunit community towards the 333network and their supporters and I decided to reveal it since they are spreading more lies around.

Basically in a simple term I've been part of the fragunit rocket clan since 3 years ago and I been known as chicken, my older friends in here know about it already. as you may remember fragunit forum was linked in the left side bar before the last incidents.

After the past months incident I've started to see the true face of my ex clan and how they fake the things, fake the truth, fake the logs, and even fake nicks and identitty of other real players. due the involving of fragunit in this shit by the permission of the head admin there was no way I'd stay any longer in this illegal clan.

I've started to hear the shit talking they are doing from behind my back, and their attempts to fake the facts and faking the truth therefore I decided to make everything clear into the public even thought i hate bringing the drama into the public but I'm not who started it though as i see that the community should be enlighten with the truth at any case.

Two Month ago |187|Lastword and .kinGy^|fu came at me asking me to ban a cheater from my community I've asked who that cheater might be? they told me it's called deathmask as I've knew deathmask for quite sometimes I've told them he is not cheating in UT99. so they gave me some youtube links from different game (UT2003) which i don't even play and telling me it's an aimbot let's ban deathmask for it and after asking here and there the UT2003 Gamers and admins I found out that he never used aimbots in (UT2003) so I've refused as I don't judge on game I've never played and we don't ban people here in our community from different games anyway. so it was clearly they are trying to get rid of him for a personal reason which i told them doesn't involve me nor my community. As I've asked about deathmask several community admins from the big communities and I've been told he is as clean as the pure water.

Some weeks later (when I was busy doing my exams) they have came at me asking me to ban Darklarious and DeathMask without prove and telling me that both of them are one person while I'm 100% sure that's isn't true. then the forum hack incident have happened and they accused it to Darklarious and DeathMask as well even though there wasn't any existing prove about it. they did go further about it so they went to ut99.org and hookutforum and they started accusing them there, the community of ut99.org did just as i did and wasn't convinced because the lack of prove the same for the hookutforum.

Later they have started a chat group asking the people of their community to boycott ut99.org / hookutforum for disagreeing with their logics and of course darklarious and deathmask which they are having a personal problem with.

Basically the fragunit forum was hacked through van^|fu account because he is having a super admin account in the website. he is an austrian player so |187|Lastword is an austrian as well. So I've started checking their ips, and tracking it. the hacker ip never matched with any of the search results i did with van^|fu ip so i knew that van^|fu is an innocent in the next check I've found out that the ip of the hacker is matching with the same exact location on the map of |187|Lastword and the funny thing the other hacker ip is from Germany the country of .kingy^|fu the head admin. so they just did change van^|fu account password since they are having higher admin access and they have did the post from his account through lastword.

So later me and van^|fu (the owner of utgame.net community) was contacting each other and we opened the topic of the hacker privately again and both of us had exactly the same thoughts about who is the hacker is. after tracking down the ips we both was sure this two idiots was working together into this. and what proved it even further when kingy was blindly denying it about lastword even after showing him the proves of our researchs.

Not to mention me and van^|fu were getting this kind of blackmailing which sounds like: ban darklarious and deathmask from your communities or you are supporting them.

It's simple me and van were just following the logics when |187|Lastword was caught cheating in 2011 in multiplayer.co.uk and he is having quite a past with being caught cheat in several communities including Darklarious community there was no way for me and van to stay in such retarded clan after founding out all this truth.

I've the tracking results saved which proves everything being said.

As the result of me and van standing with justice we have decided to leave the clan permanently and leaving our admin position. they are throwing the dust and the accusation towards us after we knew about the truth and even shit talking from behind out backs to make the people/friends in their community hate us but i don't care i still prefer the justice...  The community where the false is being true in it isn't called a community.

We have simply followed the logics and the proves in finding out the truth for more information check the links below which proves our logics.


Also check www.utgame.net (You must be a member in order to see the thread there) there are more information about how illegal this guys are.

You guys have lost our respect and trust and we are disappointed for wasting years of support for such a retarded clan.

@kingy^|fu In fact you were the one who stabbing my back I'm not susprised anymore why my popular server which i entrusted you to manage was crashing all the time. and the fact that it's running fine after you offered hosting it in your own just proves the whole thing nice work for a thief. before asking van not to use your noobish maps learn to stop using the other's server name.

Both of .kingy^|fu and |187|Lastword are permanently banned from our community for being involved in illegal activity, threating our communities and faking the truth Enjoy playing with your lame community but alone.

You can flame me all you want, post more of the fake chat logs you posted about me which never existed, shit talk from my back I don't intend to waste my time responding in a hopeless flame war with some faked, spoiled kids.

PS: I'm not responsible anymore about my account in their forum.

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the conspiracy of fragunit Empty
PostSubject: Re: the conspiracy of fragunit   the conspiracy of fragunit EmptySat Jul 05, 2014 12:32 pm

Nice Thread here, i also made up a thread on utgame.net about The Truth of KingRichet and Lastword.
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the conspiracy of fragunit
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