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 Mr.PoT Introduction

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Join date : 2013-04-06

PostSubject: Mr.PoT Introduction   Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:29 pm


new on forums, and use to be a map creator. I think about making new maps soon.

I started UT 99 in 99 on playstation then on computer but with a very bad connection so im not experienced in gaming, I was a spammer hahaha.

I discovered UT 2k4 in 2009 and started to play it. Gaming was different, a new dimension, so I'll keep those details in my mind for next maps i'll made. Wink

My maps are not bad, not really and perfectly finished but still playable and enjoyable with friends enemies and bots. Reflecting the real UT99 spirit in narrow maps such as "Turbine".

I like Team works, and classic UT.

Lets find and frag me on a server haha.



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PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:43 pm

Hi Mr.Pot

firstly welcome to our website hope you enjoy posting with us, glad to see you are interested in our community and having fun.

nice to hear you are a mapper can't wait to see you posting your maps in a topic, would be fun to try it out. i'm also having the worst connection in the world so don't worry =)

I've moved for a while in UT2004 But couldn't like it as ut99, felt it's more slowly Surprised maybe it's just me can't get used to it... Very Happy

i like team work too, can't wait to play some CTF with you Razz

I hope you are enjoying the game in our servers and please don't hesitate to share your suggestions/opinion with us.

I hope to see you posting with us from time to another! Smile
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Location : United States of America,Florida,Boca Raton

PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:03 am

Love the map"s. Got raped by you in warehouse xD. Tomorrow we g2p.
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Join date : 2013-04-02

PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:04 am

oi oi welcome mate i am playing ut99 & 2k4 as well so what is your fav one ut99 or 2k4? =]

hope to frag you around in our servers Smile

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Join date : 2013-04-06

PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:52 pm

Hello everybody,

I dont have a lot of time those dayts but I will take more time to post my maps etc next month.

UT 2k4 is a nice game but a little bit more of its and its too much, its too evolved and so ... too serious too me.

It is still fun but i'm just tired to get my ass kicked off by those crazy germans with 99% accuracy lol. Also, I play on my TV 1m wide screen, but keyboard and mouse are on a low table so it hurts my back a lot. Especially when I spen a week working on the computer when im not away.

I learned a lot from it, I like it a lot but not so funny as UT99 is.
Still, I find the game very well done and nice to play.
The double jumps and dodges are nice and give the game a nice style, but I never expect my enemies to double jump etc... makes me sick.

If I had to choose It will go for the simplicity of UT99, how fun are the moves.. and because I always dreamed of such a game, then it comes out.. omg, love UT, love the musics, love the textures, the skins, the speech and taunts ... I could say thousand times Meeeedic in a game I would do it hahaha.

Also I like to smoke pot or more powerfully, vaporise it while gaming, so dont be surprise if suddendly i stop playin and start feigning death, dancing taunting, or just suicide with the hammer in a acid bath lol.

My computer is ok, I got 5.1 hercules which provides good sound but its not surround and wires are thin :s.
Told you I play on my TV Samsung 102cm LCD (very nice quality btw).
I got a razer imperator as a mouse but my fourth finger is a bit hurting with long playing moments because of the shape, that makes my finger grip the table. The small border on the top right side of the mouth is too low.. should be annoying with bug hands.
I got the razer black widow as a keyboard (why the plugs are to the right? stupid lol) ... I wanted the stealth edition but it was only qwerty so ... lets forget it.
But I would prefer the Cherry MX Red less noisy and sensitive than the blue ones.
Also the stealth edition you have no finger prints, I have to clean my keyboard every 2 days.

I got 8go RAM DDR3 hyperx blue kingston of whatever lol I cant remember , Intel I5 2500 3.3ghz , win7 64 bit
Graphic Card AMD Radeo 6700 HD series. Asus mother card I think ...
Cooler master with GTX 550 Bronze.

So you know everything now, except my personnal interest and that I'm an arrow player too ... but be careful, I got strongest weapon on 0 numpad and flak on shift. haha.
All the rest you wanna know I can tell, only I hope to be friend and keep some good contact with some of you!

I travel a lot because of my job, work in the POT! industry (true), spain, France, Belgium, Canada and US soon, UK, Switzerland ... maybe see you there.
Also love snow skate, extrem sports, motocross, girls, UT, creating stupid contents, such as videos or music.. I like to play piano, guitar, etc etc... im also an expert in growing..but shhhhh

here is a link to my musics hahaha.

motocross :
the less agressive one going slow and entering water is me lol

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUlwPaVl0x8 couple of years ago.. when I started mapping btw

stupid content lol:


now you know who I am, what kind of guy I am haha.


PS: I also played bowling lol ... best score 204 ^^
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Posts : 196
Join date : 2013-03-18

PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:44 pm

glad to hear that you will post the maps next month I love you can't wait for the next month! bounce

idd 2k4 is great game too! tbh i like to play all the ut versions it's all much fun for me Smile also i like to play with the double jump in ut99 too it's much fun for me but many people hate it! xD

wow 99% accuracy...? that's sounds too much for me to be a skill Maybe i am wrong :-P i'm a noob in ut2k4 anyway xD

glad to hear you are enjoying both games also i am happy that you prefer ut99 over 2k4!

btw your PC looks awesome and nice specs too!

i advise you to get a better table for your PC, it's pretty annoying when mouse is very low, my fingers also hurt me when i play like 2 hours unstoppable pirat

and sure your welcome to be our friend, you seem to be very friendly person to us so welcome again to our community and hope you enjoy it

traveling the world is nice thing for sure but i think it's kinda hard as a job right? Smile

i never tried bowling in real but used to play it in PC always fun for me Very Happy

btw very nice introduction, this post remind me of the old days in ut when people used to do nice introductions and share much details about themselves! Smile

P.S sorry that i couldn't watch your youtube links Sad looks like it don't like my location or something don't know it just didn't want to play the video affraid

hope to play with you sooner or later Smile
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Join date : 2013-04-06

PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:38 am

OMG I pressed the wrong button, all is to be written again lol..

Yeah bowling is fun I said lol.

Thank you for the comment, reading and replying.

Maybe you cannot read the videos because of the musics on it and the copyright.. such a shit.

Travelling the word is Ok in certain conditions, I mean, when you have money all is easy and fun, you never anxious about anything. This is not my case so I like it much but not every day because I am currently in a none comfortable situation lol.
Every 2 month I spend 1 week somewhere else to promote my products on a fair, usually a indoor growing fair, thats a pretty strange field but very interesting.
This is for my own company so the job is hard but cool in same time lol.
I Can upload a video of a exhibition we made in Prague if you wanna take a look to what my job is. You'll see me passing by with a stoned-head and red eyes on my booth around 16 - 17 min. lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLs4VR7IzV0&list=PLE49DFFA3AB0D35D4&index=1

About the maps I'll do some upgrades I said ...
In DM-Auberg I want the bots to get out of the water and to climb on roof.
In DM-L9 I need to add borders to the walls so you dont have to use lift all the time and can move easier upstairs.
In DM-Warehouse, DM-Aborted I think the skybox has to be better done.
Ironfact is ok lets say lol .. .I need also to finish a new duel map but I need beta testers of course so no mistake anymore.

Those map you can find in UT99.org or on movement's server, also on Psycho Australia for the moment.
Dont expect me to spank your ass overhere as I get 380 ping . Movement will fix that by sending me a link to download the proper version of Zeroping ar you? lol.

We'll play sooner or later as you said, but certainly both lol.
Maybe one day we should organise a small online private tournament that would kick ass, small TDM or whatever and do a small video of it with best frags. Just to have fun and show people, UT is still livin, no more well done shitty gameplay overdone texture games.

You see, and you said nice intro, its ok, so just you know I have pure UT99 oldschool feeling. I listen to all the musics those days lol, so nice sounds.

Anyone who wants to have my messenger or skype ID i'll give away so I can keep contact with players for the next times.

Cheers and see you soon !
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Posts : 196
Join date : 2013-03-18

PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:06 am

ah damn the copy rights...

i understand what you mean about traveling, in fact money makes everything easy this days...not only in traveling xD i'm glad you like your job. ah i could open this video looks nice Smile

take your time about the maps, i'm sure it will be fun maps Very Happy

oh i think i may have played one of this maps in movement's server, Psycho server has some great maps as well. Wink i think you are talking about newnet not zeroping i guess? Surprised

it's very good idea to organize tournament for fun, i am not expert in this kind of things but maybe we can try it one day as you said i'm pretty sure it will be much fun for everyone.

sure it would be nice to add you in my skype please pm me your Skype ID ASAP. Very Happy
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Age : 30
Location : egypt-cairo

PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:24 pm

welcome dear friend......im glad u like our forum and enjoying posting here! dont worry about bad pings and lags trust me u didnt c me lag Very Happy......and im quite wi8ing to shock u at ctf server with my comboballs Razz
HF and welcome!
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PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:49 pm

hey it's a very good idea to organize TDM tournament nice one mate. you have got a nice pc mine 4gb ram Smile

btw as Rx said it's very nice introduction =]
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PostSubject: Re: Mr.PoT Introduction   

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Mr.PoT Introduction
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