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 How to play siege

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How to play siege Empty
PostSubject: How to play siege   How to play siege EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 9:54 pm

Here is a very nice introduction/explanation that Wyvern (edited by LiQuidFire) wrote for us last year. Some of the newer items have not been listed yet.


Siege is a mod for Unreal Tournament which combines the UT gameplay with some real time strategy elements.
It is played on CTF maps (usually symmetrical ones).
Instead of a flag, you will find a "Core" on your flagstand. It has a lot of HP, and the object of the game is to get into the opposing team's base, and destroy their core.

Building Structures/Items

In the bottom left hand corner, you will see a counter labeled "RU". This stands for Resource Units, and you can use it to build things.
If you scroll through your weapons, in place of the translocator you will find a new weapon called a Contructor. When you have this selected, some information will appear in the bottom right corner. At first this will say "Upgrade". You can use the right mouse button to toggle through all of the available options, and the left button to select.
You can gain RU to build things by collecting resources (only at the start of the game), killing your opponents, and destroying their buildings.

At the start of the game

You start the game with Just a piston, and constructor. You will notice that there are Diamonds dots scattered across the map. You can pick these up to gain resources. They don't respawn, so these are only at the start.
Upgrading your core will allow you to gain resources automatically (more on upgrading below).
At the start you can only hold 300 RU, you can increase the maximum by building containers.
Get a supplier built as soon as possible, this is how you get weapons.


The constructor is the 'weapon' you can build things with. It looks similar to a CTF translocator. You cycle through the options using the right click. When you come to a category or item that you want, use the left click to select it.

The following is a list of things that you can do using the constructor.

Use this to upgrade your buildings. This has many advantages such as inreased defence, health recovery etc. All buildings can be upgraded to a maximum of level 5.
Use upgrade on your teammates to give them your RU. (You must stand right next to them).
The cost of upgrading a structure increases as the level as the structure does. (i.e. level 4 to 5 costs more than 1 to 2).

Use this to repair the HP of a building, or even a teammate. This uses RU.

Fortification Category:
This category contains the defensive buildings.

Container: (125 RU)
Increases the maximum amount of RU which you can hold. Repairs nearby buildings (and itself). Cannot be walked through, making it ideal for blocking pathways.
Upgrading increases HP, repair speed, and allows you to hold even more RU.

Super Container: (1600 RU)
Same as the normal container, but larger, and has more HP.

Booster: (200 RU)
Boosts players vertically like a jumppad. Can only be used by the team who built it. Useful for jumping over walls of containers.
Upgrading increases the jump height and HP.

Super Protector: (500 RU)
Same as Protector, but higher HP, accuracy etc.

Supplier Category:
These are buildings which give you items. They can only be used by the team which built them.

Supplier: (300 RU)
Gives weapons and armour to Players who stand in it. Can only be used by one person at a time.
Upgrading increases HP, the number of weapons given (Level 5 gives all the weapons), and the speed at which ammo and armour are given.

SuperSupplier: (1500 RU)
Gives weapons are armour to players who stand in it. Compared the the normal supplier, ammo and armour are given faster, and the building has more HP (it can survive a redeemer hit).

SuperHealth Pod: (1500 RU)
Gives the player who stands in it Health and armour.
Upgrading gives more HP/armour, is faster, and has more HP

Items Category:
Single use items which can be built.

Shieldbelt: (250 RU)
Spawns a shieldbelt.
Cannot be upgraded.

Jetpack: (650 RU)
Allows you to fly.
Upgrading increases the amount of fuel.

Invisibility: (800 RU)
Spawns and invisibility pickup.
Upgrading increases the invisibility time.

Warhead: (1300 RU)
Spawns a redeemer.
Cannot be upgraded. while it is building, it is very easily destroyed, hide it carefully.

Invincible Warhead: (2000 RU)
Spawns a redeemer. Not actually invincible, but takes a VERY long time to destroy. Cannot be upgraded.
Can still be destroyed easily when it is in flight.

Basic tactics

· At the start of the game, everyone should go out into the maps and collect the white RU orbs, kill enemy players or attack the enemy core to gain RU.

· Everybody should give the RU they have collected at the start of the map to a single player, so that they can build a supplier as quickly as possible.

· Upgrade your core to level 5 to get resources automatically.

· Build containers to block entrances to the core, and protectors to help your defenders kill the enemy attackers.

· Build a Supersupplier before your opponent gets a redeemer.

· Remember to upgrade your structures.

· Getting redeemers is the best way to destroy your opponents core, but make sure that they don't get destroyed before you can use them.

· Don't stand in the supplier for too long, remember that only 1 person can use it at a time!

· Remember to repair your core.

· Building suppliers and health pods on top of each other allows you to gain ammo/health/armour faster.

· Build containers around buildings so that they automatically regain health.

· Don't build containers and other buildings out in the open as the enemy can shoot them from a safe distance and gain RU (this is called leeching).

The original page can be found here: www.flawless-victory.com/stu/siege.html

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How to play siege Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to play siege   How to play siege EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 2:13 pm

wow very nice one mate Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven i have been away from siege for long time would be nice to read this before starting to play siege again Smile

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How to play siege
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